Musings of Imbolc

In silence I have waited, cold, alone and in darkness. Now the turning of the Wheel has brought light to me and as it emerges to end my dark times, so does its energy fill me. I am reborn...

From the eastern realm does she rise and shine to continue the cycle, the reflection, the promise of fire and passion, growing in the path once more. My Brothers and Sisters sing to her, their chorus welcoming and joyful.

From the southern realm, the cold ground with its mysteries held deep and long through the dark time, the promise of sustenance and rebirth, new life kept, it begins to stir yielding its gifts.

From the western realm, the path of initiation and change, the water nourishes us and its blanket becomes our nursemaid, filling us, forming us, and clearing the way for our coming.

From the northern realm, home to the Olde Ones, ye Masters of Intellect and Birth, the Ancients of Dawnings welcoming arms waiting as we emerge from our sleep to again stand once more among you and carry forth your great works to those in need or would heed.
From the Spirit within, from above and below, that which birthed and was birthed, become one now and become the seed of our journey as we renew ourselves, ready to face that which is before us, that which is left to be learned, and that which is left to teach. The three-fold path we travel awaits.

Let the journey continue...

Blessed Be.

Yule Blessings!

Darkness, stillness, a silent chill, the Wheel of the Year turns ever still.
From the long dark sleep a promise kept, the light we seek upon us crept.
We bid Hail and Welcome to the warming rays, the Blessings of Light and longer days.
Come join with us our many friends and let the joyous celebrations never end!

Kindle the fires that light the way, a joyous celebration we have this day!  

A toast to the present and to the past to remember well, those still with us and those who fell.  Let us feast together and drink in deep, the bonds of Kinship and Merry Meet!

From my clan to yours, A Blessed Yule!

Waxing philosophic... don't mind me...

Staring at the blank page, the mind renders its cacophony of thoughts, ideas, hopes, fears, dreams, and debates into a torrent of words that all seemingly want to come out at once and also not at all.  What to say, what to hold, what to release, what else to seal away within the depths of our mind, there to lay dormant until their time comes, or mine does, then the mystery will be just that.
I'm referring to the character "Foamy the Squirrel" from the site

I was perusing the news instead of studying like I should have been and stumbled on the following story:,2933,469928,00.html

Shinkendo, and the smell of 'deefeet'...

Ok so many of you that follow my occasional rants and postings know that I'm actively training in Shinkendo (Japanese Swordsmanship for those new to this site).  Since I last updated, we have moved to a new location that I feel will be of great benefit to everyone, especially Sensei Lynch.

The Show Goes On...

It's been almost 6 weeks since mom passed and thanks to the love and support of many great friends and family, the pain of loss is pretty much gone and thanks to her many lessons in life, we are clearly focused on what lies ahead.


Several new adventures are brewing and I look forward to seeing them develop.  No journey is without its pitfalls however.  Without getting into a lot of boring detail, I am grateful to be working with a fleet lead who is not only a charismatic leader, but an honorable person as well.  It truly sucks when someone who is supposed to be in a position of senior leadership in an organization doesn't know the first thing about it and interjects themselves into your affairs when they have no cause to, and in doing so causes financial turmoil simply in the interest of trying to be popular to a whiney < ahem >.

Reflections on a final chapter...

There have been several times I have sat down to write this and for one reason or another I found something else to do.  How do you sum up the life of one who brought you into this world, let alone tell the tale of their final chapter?  As has been said, this particular sad tale was inevitable, but I had hoped it would be a bit further on.  I had hoped to share more of my accomplishments and milestones with my mother who was always so proud and protective.  The lament of mortal man, always wanting more time.

Hail and Farewell my beloved mother...

I wish it were happier tidings I was posting since I haven't in a while. There have been many happy events including my first Europe trip on the BBJ since I last clicked away, but it would seem tonight is not that night.

Earlier today my brother called me greatly concerned about our mom whom he has been caring for nearly daily for the last couple of months. Her health has been steadily declining since she had to quit working a year or so ago. Four days ago he noted a sudden change in her daily routine - essentially that she stopped smoking (which she had done all her life) and didn't have a single drop of Scotch (also a constant in her life and where I developed my love of the spirit). She also quit eating and my brother had a hard time getting her to take even a little food. He was going to take her into the emergency room and see what the doctors could do to help get her back on an even keel.

Up Scope

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*Taking a careful look around...

"Surface the ship!"

Ahh yes... still here. If a bit dusty and in need of updating...

It lives...

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*mumbling to self* yeah yeah, I know do something with the blog...

Ok, blame Malcolm for this one. He reminded me I should do this. Ok so it's partly out of a feeling of guilt and not Malcolm's fault for coming here and continuing the story and now that I know that there actually are people somewhat paying attention here, guess I better pick up the slack.

So.. where were we...

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